spring style for cafe Kruassan (Croissant)

In the heart of medieval Milan, near Porto Ticinese, there is a garden. It is a large, private garden, not a park: with apple trees, olives, rosemary and cages for birds in the trees. A rare phenomenon for the city, where every metres cost 20 000 euros …. It was dank, misty December day and the garden flowers bloomed, grew fruit and on the trees were left round mirrors  after installations of design week. Week finished, the installation was dismantled, senses gone, and mirrors still here … On this day I found idea to transfer the feeling of garden in interior of cafe ….


light and geometry

Interior design and decoration of private apartment in Kaliningrad, owned by a family with two children.
The idea, developed with the owners, is to combine handmade work (pictures on the wall, floor texture) and a “space” topic, using light and geometry.